Friday, 22 August 2014

Deep Relief #Review

Have you ever started something, thinking that it was going to be a piece of cake, only to realize that it's not so easy peezy lemon squeezy...  Yeah, that was pretty much me and the thought of the 30 Day Squat Challenge.  I took one look at it and thought "No problem.", boy was I wrong.  Day 2 has come and gone and although there was supposed to be a day 3, being as clueless as I am, I didn't even look at the page that it was on and just assumed that due to how much pain I was in, it was supposed to be a 'break day'.  My assumption was in fact incorrect but to be honest, even if I knew that I was supposed to do 60 squats as opposed to none, it wouldn't have mattered much because I could barely stand up, let alone squat down.

You may think that I am over exaggerating but I assure you that I am not, even something as simple as going to sleep was a task due to the fact that it felt like someone was consistently pounding on my thighs...  I knew that the only thing that would give them any kind of relief and let me get even a little bit of sleep was something that was made specifically for this kind of thing...  Deep Relief Dual Action Warming Rub may say that it's for your neck, shoulders and back pain, but that's not the case, in fact it can really be for anywhere on your body where your muscles are full of aches and pains, hence why I used it on my legs.

How does it work you ask?  The dual action formula has a combination of ingredients that penetrate and provide pain relief for up to 6 hours from those aching muscles.  The hands-free applicator has got to be my favorite feature besides the fact that the pain goes away for a bit.  One thing I hate when having to apply any type of medication, is having to get it on my hands, regardless of how much I wash them they never feel like they are clean and the smell most certainly lingers, with the hands-free applicator I don't have to worry about this.

To find out more information on this or any other Deep Relief products visit their website or their Facebook Page


Wednesday, 20 August 2014

How to Clean Your Kids Closet

I swear everytime I ask my son to clean his room, it's like a tornado has come through it and blown everything into his closet.  To be honest, I can't really blame him, he has way too much stuff and doesn't know where to put it all...  heck, even I get overwhelmed when I'm in there trying to find a place for everything.  However, it was starting to get to the point where I couldn't open the closet for fear that something would fall or even worse...  jump out at me.  It was time to get his closet back to how it's supposed to look and not like the local garbage dump. 

Two stressful hours, a lot of patience and some help from the folks at Organize It, I finally managed to get it back to normal with these simple steps and organizing tools.

Take it ALL out - I didn't dare try and put anything away with out first examining the situation fully.  I took everything out of the closet including the clothes.

Make piles for the clothes - Too big, too small, just right, outfits...  I admit my kids get clothes a size ir two too big for their birthdays, Christmas...  and just to get them out of the way I throw them in the closet, some of the time never to be seen again until they've grown out of it...  During my cleaning spree, I put the clothes that are too big and the ones that are too small into two separate storage bins, one that my oldest has grown out of but my youngest will grow into and the other bin whose fate will be decided upon at a later date, I took them and stuck them both into storage...  Out of sight, out of mind.  I hung up the matching outfits I managed to find, using the Kids Wood Clothes Hangers With Clips, I love that they are adjustable making it easier to hang pants of ANY size (for children, of course) without stretching them.  I will never have to search for a top or pair of pants again and for this, I am thankful.

Throw out the garbage - Do they play with it?  Is it stained? Is something growing out of it?  If you answered "No" to the first two and "Yes" to the last one, just get rid of it.  I threw away two garbage bags full of stuff, just from that tiny little closet.  Chances are if it's in there, it's been forgotten and there was never any sentimental value in the first place, so they will not miss it.  Also I can't be the only one who uses what she has on hand when it comes to putting stuff away, that includes cardboard boxes, which is fine but they can get pretty banged up sometimes and that means it's time to move on.

Get proper storage - Did you ever notice that the bottom of the closet is usually just a place to store things?  I mean who really puts anything useful at the bottom of their closet?  Umm, we do...  now!  The bottom of my son's closet is now the home to a Denier Eyelet Storage Tote and Four Interlocking Wire Storage Cubes, which I have to add I put together all by myself,  I didn't even ask my husband for any help.  It took a little longer that I would have liked, but that was only because I had decided to skip ahead and not bother with the instructions, which meant that I put the plastic connectors on wrong, plus my toddler wanted to play the 'throw something in the cube while mommy is still trying to put it together and cry for her to get it out' game...  fun for him, not for me.

The storage cubes are versatile and can be used in many different ways - stacked on on top of the other, side by side, individually, or how I used them, two on the top and two on the bottom with one being a basket, fitting perfectly under the hanging clothes. The tote fits perfectly on top of the storage cubes and the metal eyelets make it easy for him to lift when he wants to play with what's inside.

Find a home for everything - If you haven't thrown it out or put it into storage, it needs to be put away neatly.  With the Four Interlocking Wire Storage Cubes my son now has a spot for those stray balls, his board games are easily accessible for him and his 'superhero bases' are neatly put away. I have no worries that when he picks his mega bloks to play with, the bottom of the cardboard box they were in will give out and everything will fall to the ground, leaving a huge mess because the Denier Eyelet Storage Tote is made with a sturdy fiberboard and polyester lining plus it's much more pleasing to the eye than cardboard with chunks taken out of it.

I'm not sure how long the closet is going to stay as clean as it is and I definitely don't want to show you what the room looked like once the closet was all clean, that is another day and another post entirely.  Next step clean the bedroom...  Wish me luck!

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

zulily Mountain Buggy - Nano Exclusive Sale and Giveaway

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This is for all of you new parents out there! zulily has just released the Mountain Buggy - Nano Travel System: a one-of-a-kind Stroller and Protect Infant Car Seat combination system that features the lightest car seat on the market and a stroller that folds ultra compact into a shoulder-strap bag, perfect for a family on the go! The best news — we can both win one! Here's how…  

A little about the Mountain Buggy - Nano:
• Includes the Protect Infant Car Seat one of the lightest on the market at 8.3 pounds
• Lifts out of its sturdy LATCH base without disturbing Baby and into the Nano easy-push 13.7 lb stroller
• The stroller folds ultra compact into a shoulder-strap bag to simplify travel for a family on the go
• Available for $349.99 with free shipping!

zulily Mountain Buggy - Nano Giveaway!
 I'm entering the zulily travel system giveaway contest and if I win one, so can one of you! 
Starting today (8/19) through Thursday (8/21), you can enter the zulily Moutain Buggy - Nano Giveaway by sharing your favorite Nano color in the comments below.


Thursday, 14 August 2014

SHop Back To School Products At Little Passports

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Pick up classroom favorites at Little Passports! For a limited-time only, kids can start the new school year with fabulous Back to School essentials. Choose from a Little Passports Back to School Bundle for only $19.95 or a Little Passports Premium Lunchbox and Chalkboard for only $29.95. Even better, pick up both! Plus, learn about Back to School traditions around the world by checking out the new blog post from Little Passports. Shopping and's a win-win! 

  Little Passports Back to School Bundle for only $19.95
Includes: 1 Folder, 1 Notebook and 5 Bookmarks

Little Passports Premium Lunchbox and Chalkboard for only $29.95
Features: Chalkboard, 7.5" x 6.5" x 4", sturdy tin design 

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

My Beauty Must-Haves

As much as we don't want to admit, for fear that we may sound to vain, we all have a few favorite beauty products that help us feel good about ourselves.  It may not be something as obvious as a bright red lipstick, but chances are we use it on a regular basis, than its an essential that we want to have around.  Now, I know that I am always looking to try new things and I often look towards other blogs or social media to see what the newest products are, so today I thought that I would share a few of my must-haves at the moment.
     1.  AVON BB Creme in Medium Light - I love how soft and smooth this makes my skin look an feel.
      2.  Phisoderm PH Balance - Since using this face wash, the redness that my skin had developed during my first pregnancy has simmered.
      3.  BIG BOLD NYC Plumping Lip gloss in Big City Blush - I don't care what anyone says, when I where this lip gloss I feel pretty, oh so pretty...
      4.  Herbal Essence Hairspray - I used a completely different brand for 12 years until a friend introduced me to this one 6 years ago and I have been hooked ever since.
      5.  St Ives Hydrate Body Lotion in Cucumber Melon - With extremely dry skin especially my feet, it's sometimes hard to fall asleep at night, a little bit of this usually does the trick.
      6.  Sally Hansen Extreme Wear Nail Polish in Pink and Hot Tamale - Vibrant, pretty toes are a must for me at this time of year.
      7.  Power IQ Hair Straightener - My hair is naturally wavy, but it's not a good wave, it's frizzy and unmanageable...  because of this I have taken an oath - I solemnly swear that I will never leave the house, without using my beloved straightener.
     8.  Black Heels - Now, this may not be a 'product' per say but this a beauty must-have for me...  there's just something about wearing black heels that make me feel SEXY!

What are your top beauty must-haves?

**DISCLOSURE - This post is in no way sponsored by any of the brands mentioned aboveThey are simply just a few of my favorite things, I am always on the lookout for new products that I might love and I thought you may be too.**

Friday, 8 August 2014

Blast Off To Learning With Space Scouts {Kids Subscription Box}

5,4,3,2,1...  Blast off!

As you have all seen from many of my posts that I have written and products reviews that you have read, when it comes to fun learning materials for my boys, I am all over it.  Especially, if it is something that I know absolutely nothing about, which is very much the case when it comes to space.  I know that there are other planets besides Earth but can I name them all...  Not a chance!
Space Scouts is a monthly subscription box designed for children ages 6 years and up, that teaches them about all the wonders of the universe.  Every month your little ones will get to enjoy space exploration, space science and astronomy while they travel the galaxy in outer space with Roxy and Jett's helpful guidance.

The first shipment that we received came with a Space Scouts Lunch Box, which I have to admit, besides the learning aspect, has got to be my favorite feature of this subscription.  Although, the main purpose of this is to have a place for the magnets that come with each shipment, it is also the perfect place for my son to keep all of his new goodies that he received:
  • Solar System Poster
  • Scout Plan
  • Magnet
  • Sticker
  • Activity Sheet
  • Sticker Scramble
  • Souvenir Toy
  • Constallation Card & Ring
  • Constellation Activity Card
I'd say for the amount of items that are included in this box, the price is extremely decent:
  • 1 month - $11.95 + $3 shipping
  • 3 months - $36 + $9 shipping 
  • 6 months - $70 + $18 shipping 
  • 12 months - $135 + $36 shipping

My son's favorite came in the second month shipment and of course it was the souvenir toy and it probably will always be the toy.  He received 'the claw', so even I can't blame him this time around because even I thought it was pretty cool.  He still plays with it, dropping things on the floor just so he can pick it up with 'the claw', it's been at least 2 weeks and he's still playing with it, which is longer than he plays with most of his stuff...  I don't care, if it gets him picking up after himself, I'm wondering why I didn't get him one sooner.

For more information or to purchase a subscription box for any space loving little ones that you know visit Space Scouts website, like their Facebook Page, follow them on Twitter and Pinterest.


Thursday, 7 August 2014

Strawberry Banana Chocolate Brownie Bits {Easy Frozen Yogurt Sandwiches}

Although I have one picky eater in the house, he never passes up a chance to try a new treat, if they combine two of his favorite treats, well that's even better.  He loves ice cream sandwiches but I just can't see myself spending $4 on a box of 6, so I never by them.  Both of my boys love their soft banana cookies, the youngest more than the oldest but he will eat them...  and frozen yogurt around this time of year, just seems to be a 'must-have'.

The other day as I was trying to think of something new and fun for the kids to have as a special treat, and easy of course.  I thought "How yummy would it be, to add our strawberry and banana frozen yogurt to a cookie?" well, the only kind of cookies that we had at the time were the soft banana ones.

Here is what we used:
  • Soft Banana Cookies
  • Strawberry and Banana Frozen Yogurt
The best thing about this 'recipe' is that you can use any combinations of your favorites that you choose and it is so easy, just take a scoop of frozen yogurt and smother it on one of the cookies, press them together and enjoy!  Perfect for a hot day!

What kind of frozen treat would you create?