Tuesday, 30 September 2014

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6 Ways My Life Has Changed Since I've Had Kids

I remember when I first moved out, not exactly on my own but away from my parents.  I was 9 months pregnant and very much ready to be on my own.  I had just started my maternity leave, with a little one on the way and my other half at work all day, I had the place all to myself. Our first son was born and since than everything has changed.  As much as we like to say and think that things will stay the same after children, it's not always the case.  Here are 6 ways that my life has changed after I had kids:

  1. I moved in with my than boyfriend now husband into a (what we thought at the time) huge two bedroom apartment.  Huge because at the time all we had was basically a bedroom suite and a futon (we used for a sofa) plus our clothes.  Since than we have moved into an even smaller two bedroom apartment.  Smaller because now that we have two boys and have lived together for going on 7 years we have accumulated far too much stuff.
  2. We had no cable at first, so my days were spent watching old seasons of my favorite shows on DVD and when we finally did get it, I never had to fight for the remote, I watched what I wanted to when it was on.  Now our TV is either on Treehouse at all times and my shows need to PVR'ed if there is enough room after Lucas records his shows just because he has to go to the washroom and forgot that their was a pause button. 
  3. the house was always clean and now the house is never clean.
  4. Supper was on the table at a decent time and now I am lucky if I can have supper ready before the boys have to go to bed.
  5. Taking a bath was about relaxation and the time was mine to enjoy.  Even taking a shower now is like training for a marathon, trying to beat my time of getting clean from the previous day before someone starts to scream for me and I have to run out with shampoo in my hair still.
  6. Date night wasn't needed because I nice snuggle on the couch with some popcorn and a movie was enough.  Now I'm sorry but sometimes I just have to go somewhere that I know I'm not going to hear "MOM!!!"  the minute I start to relax, even if it's a date by myself.
I know not every mother is as unorganized as I am and there are probably in fact some who have got it all together and do it all with ease.  However, I can probably guarantee you that about 90% of them are just very good actresses.  How has your life changed since you have had kids?

Monday, 29 September 2014

The Mess Detectives And The Case Of The Lost Temper by Karen Poth

When I ordered this book I didn't notice that is was an I Can Read book, in fact the reason why I ordered it was because my 6 year old has seemed to develop a bad temper, so I thought "What better way to teach him a lesson than in a book?".  Well...  this book was not the right one.  Here's the description I was given:

The Mess Detectives and the Case of the Lost Temper, Bob and Larry have another important case … track down the Masked Door Slammer. But when the investigation doesn’t go the way Bob wants, and things go wrong, he begins to lose his temper.Will a gentle reminder from Larry help Bob get his temper under control?
 Maybe because it is a level 1 reader book, which is great for grades 1-2 and I am more used to reading my kids books that are longer and more in depth than one sentence a page, I don't know but I wasn't too impressed.  Even my 6 year old was like "I don't get it!".  I guess I was expecting something a little more extraordinary than the wind being the culprit, like maybe a child not getting his way and slamming the doors because of it, Bob seeing this and realizing how foolish he is being when he loses his temper.  I don't know, but either way this book was just not for me, the illustrations were very bright and colorful which was great and is just what you would expect from some tasty vegetables.  If nothing else, this will make for a great tool for my son to practice his reading skills since most of the words are no more than five letters.

*Disclosure - I received one or more of the products mentioned above for review purposes. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.*

Friday, 26 September 2014

3 Ways to Show Your Kids You Love Them In Their Lunch Bag #KinderSmiles #KinderMom

Now that we are 3 weeks into school, I think I've go this lunch thing down.  I try to make sure that every meal includes the 4 food groups, the containers are resealable and washable and I am even organized to the point that, my son's lunch is made the night before, making it easy to grab and go.  As much as I LOVE the little bit of free time while my oldest is at school and I know he is enjoying himself...  I miss him.   Which must mean that he misses me too, right?  Probably not...  but were just going to go with YES to make me feel better. 

Every now and than, if he's had a bad night or is not feeling the greatest, I like to surprise him and show him how much I love and miss him when he's not around.

     1.  Cut it out - There are so many foods that are easy to cut into heart shapes; sandwiches, cheese, strawberries, cucumbers...  just to name a few.  These are great for picky eaters too since the shapes make them more fun to eat and it shows them their lunch was made with love.  Cutting a heart shape free-hand I guess could be easy but I prefer to use a heart shape I've cut out of cardstock and a skinny knife or for the bigger items I have a heart shaped cookie cutter.


     2.  Leave a little note - My son is still young and doesn't know how to read yet, so I thought how can I leave him a note to let him know I love him, in a way that he will know what it says without having to ask for help.  Well he can recognize letters and shapes, so...  I grabbed his orange cup and my permanent marker and wrote 'I (heart) U', he definitely got the message.  So did several of his classmates, whom I found out at the bus stop the next day asked their moms if they could do that for them sometimes.  Proud mom moment right there!

     3.  Put in a little Surprise - A Kinder Surprise of course!  My son LOVES Kinder Eggs, I'm not sure if it's the yummy, creamy chocolate (I know that's why I love them) or the fact that you get a fun surprise in every single one, either way they are his favorite.  Every time we go anywhere,  he asks for one and it doesn't really matter to him if it's a boy one or a girl one he's just happy when he gets one.  So, I know if he opens up his lunch box and spots one, well I'll just have made his day.  The fact that they are peanut-free is an added bonus, because I know that they will be safe for the other kids to be around too.

My son is only in grade 1 and I know for the time being I can still get away with little things like this, although the kisses goodbye at the bus stop are starting to dwindle, this he has no say over.  What are little ways that you show your little ones you love them when they are not around?

If you've got a kid who loves Kinder Eggs and I'm sure you do than they'll have fun creating their very own Smile Booth strip on the Kinder Canada Facebook Page, with pictures of themselves and their loved ones.
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Thursday, 25 September 2014

'P' is for Party! Dr. Seuss ABC Birthday Party from Birthday Expres

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Birthday Express Party Supplies

For growing up big, and growing up tall, the Dr. Seuss ABC party theme takes almost no planning at all!

Kids will love the bright decorations and inspired treats and you'll love the nostalgic twist in sharing your favorite Seuss characters with your little one. Here are some ideas on how to throw a stress-free Dr. Seuss party when you use the Dr. Seuss ABC party theme from Birthday Express.

Food & Drink Ideas - Cupcakes take on a Dr. Seuss look when you add a polka dot cupcake wrapper and a single colored candle. Popcorn, a yummy and healthy treat, is fun to eat when you serve it in filled paper cones made from rolled squares of Dr. Seuss wrapping paper.

Birthday Express Party Supplies

Party Activities - With just a black table cover and white paint markers, or sheets of black paper and chalk, you can turn your party table (or the whole party room) into a Dr. Seuss drawing zone! Let little ones add their name and favorite Dr. Seuss decal to their place setting, or decorate a wall.

Party Decor - Glass jars of Sixlets candy, adorned with ribbon and Dr. Seuss ABC stickers, make a pair of sweet centerpieces for this theme. Another idea is to stack up some old books and pair them with Dr. Seuss gift boxes. You can even fill these with candies or use them as party favor boxes for the guests to take home.

Dr. Seuss ABC Party in a Box

Dr. Seuss ABC Party Favor Box

Dr. Seuss ABC Invitations

For a full selection of decorations and supplies for the Dr. Seuss ABC party theme, visit BirthdayExpress.com - where you can plan the perfect party from start to finish every time!

*DISCLOSURE - I did not write this post (I only wish I could plan a party as great as this) however, I did think that it had some great ideas and tips or all of you.  I am a part of the Birthday Express affiliate program and will be posting these as they come to me if I think you will all benefit from them.*

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

zulily Wants To Cure Childhood Cancer Together

September is National Childhood Cancer Awareness month, and zulily is doing their part to help find a cure. Through September 30th, together with zulily we can help fund the Ben Towne Foundation, a nonprofit public charity that is working to accelerate the pace of new breakthrough research. Doctors at the Ben Towne Childhood Cancer Center for Research at the Seattle Children's Research Institute have been working on an immunotherapy treatment that could make cancer treatment as we know it a thing of the past—within our lifetime. They are developing a treatment that uses a child’s own immune system to fight cancer, eliminating the need for chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. Within 20 years, this cure could become the new normal. 

Together we can help the reality of finding a cure go from 'if' to 'when'.Visit zulily to donate to the Ben Towne Foundation, and to read more about the lives that this potential cure has already touched, and the doctors working so hard to make this miracle real. 100% of all donations will be used to support the research at the BTCCCR.

Fun And Games With Toopy And Binoo Live On Stage

Guess who we got to see live on stage this past weekend...  Toopy, that's who and his friend Binoo!  Want to know a secret?  I totally couldn't help myself and just sang that sentence as I typed it, even though it's not the correct words, it was still catchy.

To be perfectly honest with all of you, besides the background noise in my house (including right now), I have never really sat down and actually watched one of the shows with my boys.  I couldn't tell Toopy apart from Binoo, Patchy Patch was just a name and I was like "Dusteroo who?".  Now, I know that Toopy is a giant mouse, Binoo is a tiny cat who is also Toopy's best friend (I know ironic, right?), Patchy Patch is Binoo's stuffy and the Dusteroos are around because the duo just like my kids, are are all about having FUN!

That`s right, I said FUN! The kids were going wild.  I mean it, the theater was so loud but not from the performance like you would think...  it was from the laughter of all the children in there.  Toopy, Binoo and friends were so connected with the kids that they had them up singing, dancing, clapping and playing along to classic games like Tic Tac Toe, Hide And Seek and more...  Even my 6 year old who can be a little reserved at time, was showing off his dance moves.  I love that they ended the live show with a familiar scene, just like on TV with the stars, the moon and my favorite time of day...  bedtime! It was so familiar that my 2 year old was saying "Nigh nigh!  See you tomowo on the TT!" (And no I did not just misspell any of that.)

My overall opinion - if you are looking for something to do with the family and you are lucky enough to have one of these shows in your area, pay the money, buy the tickets and take the kids.  You won't regret it, it is roughly an hour and a half of FUN AND GAMES!