Thursday, 1 August 2013

Where To Find Coupons & Samples

          At one point in my life (probably around the same time I first saw the TLC show Extreme Couponing) I became extremely obsessed with all things 'couponing'; where to get them, how to get them and how much I could save with them.  Being Canadian though I found that it was not going to be as easy as I had thought to get my hands on some coupons…  I knew nothing about where to look, I didn’t even know what words I should use in Google to find what I wanted.   

          I have compiled a list of websites where you can order coupons, a few that periodically offer great samples and a forum that I found and love, to help you get started:

  •  Smartcanucks is a Canadian forum where you can not only meet some amazing, friendly and helpful people but you can also find links for new coupons, where to get the latest freebies, support in contests and so much more.
  • offers Mail and/or Print coupons including some not so hidden (anymore) portal coupons, however their is a minimum of 4 coupons that has to be ordered.  With every coupon you redeem they will donate $0.05 to Breakfast for Learning.  Don't have enough coupons?  No problem allows you to save your selection until they have enough coupons that you want.
  • has recently partnered with Flyerland to not only bring you coupons on some awesome brands and the flyers to sift threw so you can decide where you would like to use those coupons but it also highlights some of the latest deals and lets you know where to find them.
  • GoCoupons  not only has coupons that can be mailed out to you but they also offer you links to over 40 recipe websites.
  • SmartSource is a PRINT only coupon site but they do have some great coupons for baby products that I have to find anywhere else.
  • P&G brandSAVER offers over $100 in savings on just about all of their products including batteries, make up and much, much more.
  • P&G brandSAMPLER quarterly offers samples of their products so that you can 'Try Before You Buy' they usually offer similar samples every time the season changes.
  • Samplesource as mentioned with the above link Samplesource also comes out with samples of numerous products once every season change and every now and than it will also include a 3 month subscription to various magazines ex: Canadian Living, Today's Parent, etc...
  • Facebook is a great outlet also just like the brands and stores that you love and from time to time they will  compensate you with a coupon, a sample or even just information on great deals.
  • Lastly use the tools that are right in from you; search in your local newspaper or flyers for Red Plum and/or Smart source inserts and scour the store aisles and you may be surprised in what you find
          I am not a Coupon Guru by any means nor do I claim to be...  To be honest I think that the most I have saved has been maybe 50% of my grocery bill at one time but I (just like you I'm sure) are aware that every little bit counts.

What's the most that you have saved from using some form of coupon or in store deals?

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