Thursday, 12 September 2013

Does it Ever Get Easy?

          Today is L's third day of Kindergarten, his third day of taking the bus and his third day of having to kiss us goodbye.  You would think that it would get easier, right?  Wrong...  Not that it's getting any harder, more like it's hit a plateau of sorts and everything is pretty much staying the same.  He gets extremely excited in the mornings, so much so that he can hardly stay still and can't wait to leave...  But as soon as we walk out the door, it's like the butterflies in his tummy start working on overdrive and he begins to look like he's about to throw up.  The whole walk to the school bus is filled with whining and complaining about how much he doesn't want to go.   He says things like "I wish I was you, daddy or C because than I wouldn't have to go to school".  Today he even refused to give his little brother a hug goodbye and he never refuses a chance to show him how much he cares. 

          As he's looking at me from the window of the bus I can tell that he's holding back tears and trying to be strong.  So of course, the minute that the bus leaves and I know he can't see me anymore I let my tears come out because I am not as strong as him and can't stand to see him unhappy.  Even if I know that as soon as he gets to school he's going to be having so much fun learning and playing that he's going to forget all about how scared he was.  Both myself and my husband have talked to him nightly about his fears and feelings towards school, he knows he has to go to school and he understands why I just wish that the uneasiness feeling that he has about it would just go away already.  Does it ever get easy?

   How do you or have you dealt with your child's back to school or first day of school jitters?



  1. I'm sorry it's been so hard for you guys. I think you are doing the right thing by trying to talk to him about his feelings. Is he okay once he gets there? Maybe if he made a friend on the bus. Are there other kids at the bus stop that maybe you can help him talk to before getting on the bus. Then he might feel more comfortable because he has a bus buddy. Just a suggestion. Hope all get better soon.

    1. Thank you so much for your suggestions Nicolette but l had tried all of the above at the time and nothing seemed to work... Luckily, after the first week he now LOVES school... So much that even when he's sick he doesn't want to miss it!