Friday, 31 January 2014

Helping My Inner Pack Rat Stay Organized With Date It! Labels and #Giveaway

          Just last week I introduced you all to Lovable Labels newest addition, Date It! Labels now I have the opportunity to try them for myself.

          I have to admit I am not the most organized person.  As much as I try to be their always seem to be obstacles in my way, like a messy house and laziness.  I do try... I just take it at my own pace, so once I get everything in it's place I like to keep it there and not have to bother with it.

          Tucking it away in a corner until it's needed is alright with me, except when 'mommy brain' takes over and I can't remember what is in which bin.  My curiosity gets the better of me and I have no choice but to pull it out, dust it off and open it up.

          Lovable Labels offers plenty of options on pre-printed household labels that I could have used for organizing but with the Date It! Labels I am not restricted to what I want to use them for because I can write anything that I want on them.  All I need is a permanent marker and the best part is that if I make a mistake or want to reuse the label it can be wiped off; the instructions say to use just a little bit of rubbing alcohol but I found that I could even use just a tiny bit of hand sanitizer.

          Tip: If you are stacking the bins on top of each other, I suggest that you apply the labels to the side of the bin rather than the top for easy reference.  

          I am what you would call a 'pack rat'.  If I have something that I think I may use again I will keep it; whether it's toys, clothes, party supplies... you get the picture.  Right now I am working on my kid's clothes; both of my sons have a dresser and closet full of clothes that are too short, too small and some that are even too big still.  Theirs no point in them being there, taking up space if they're not being used but because they have so many clothes, some have only been worn a handful of times and are in perfect condition.  I don't want to get rid of them especially Lucas' because Colton can where them when he gets older and Colton's clothes well...  what if I have another one? So I'm going to put them in bins and put my Date It! Labels to work.

          Interested in purchasing your own?  Don't forget to enter AmandaKLB1 to receive 10% off at checkout.

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*DISCLOSURE - The item mentioned above was provided to me free of charge in order to do a review.  However, as always all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. I would use it on my freezer meals I make.

  2. I would definitely use these in the kitchen so I would waste less fod

  3. I would use them for canning!

  4. I would use them for freezer foods and my sewing items.

  5. I would use them for labelling food in the freezer, my daughter's craft drawers, and my rubbermaid bins in the basement.

  6. Most labels I use for storage. But these would be great for the fridge and freezer. I usually use post its but they oftdn fall off! These wouldbe great!

  7. Organize food in the freezer, organize documents and spices etc. hah

  8. I would use for mystery left overs :)

  9. My files for work and freezer food!